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The ASF AGM was held on the 11/10/15. Congratulations to those newly appointed, and warm thanks of appreciation for all the work done by those who have now retired from the committee.



Kiaora All,
There will be a working bee after the Committee meeting about 10 30  on the 18th of January please bring all the appropriate equipment required ie rakes spade shovels weed eater heaps of arm power will be appreciated NO SHOOTING ON BOTH RANGES UNTILL WORKING BEE IS FINISHED. RANGE NEEDS A GOOD CLEAN UP BEFOER NORTH ISLANDS CHAMPS.
Thanks see you all there
Dave Mackenzie




 Message passed on from PNZ:


I have managed to tentatively arrange for Ben Stoeger to come to NZ/Aus and do some IPSC training.
At this stage, the plan is for him to come across in June 2015 and we are hoping to arrange one of the major matches to coincide with his visit.
Depending on the numbers we are able to drum up at each club, we may be able to arrange for classes to be spread around, so if you're keen, convince your fellow club shooters and get a group of 10-12 people together.
Costs are difficult to peg at this stage, but indicative pricing will be between $500 and $600 per person. While this may seem expensive, bear in mind that you would not be paying much less than this if you trained with Ben in the US, let alone having to fly out there, pay for accommodation etc. This will exclude any range fees that may apply.
I will provide details around how the booking will work, but effectively your space will be confirmed on payment of a deposit with the balance being due shortly before Ben arrives. 
Some more info on Ben, for those who may not know him:
Ben Stoeger is a USPSA Production Grand Master, having numerous Section, Area, and National Championship wins. Ben is the current and three-time USPSA Production National Champion.
Ben also achieved 3rd Place Production Division finish at the 2014 IPSC World Championships
Time: Starts at 8 a.m. and will run until about 4 p.m. both days.
Ammo: Expect to shoot approximately 1000 rounds. Bring extra.
Class Limit: There is a class limit of 12 students.
The curriculum for the class will be as follows:
IPSC Techniques (this will consist mostly of specialized movement techniques)
Moving Targets
Stage Breakdown/Analysis
Practice Tips and Techniques
High Speed Accuracy
Preparation for Major Matches
+ anything people request to be added
The format of the class consists of one day of intensive work on technique. The first half day will cover IPSC fundamentals. 
The second half of the first day will cover more advanced IPSC techniques.
The second day will consist of a scored IPSC match. Ben will assist and critique each student on every stage in regards to technique. 
The second half of the day will be devoted to working on stage breakdown and improving stage times.
This class is geared towards anyone interested in shooting IPSC matches.
021 629 193




Well done Shelley Campbell - Cowboy Action Shooting Champion at the Nationals once again.




Good Afternoon
The following link on the PNZ website has been updated with all the information sent out by the Police today on the MSSA law changes coming soon.





KPC plan to run another holster course on Saturday 23rd November from 9am at the Kaimai range, the assessment will follow after a short break.

If you are interested in obtaining your holster qualification, go to the PNZ website, and download an Application form and Holster handbook.

Pay your money directly to PNZ or bring it with you on the day.

Take notice of the gear requirements as set out in the HANDBOOK – CONTACT ME FOR HELP OR IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS.

This will be the last course in 2013







National Black Powder silhouette shoot which will held on Sunday 24th November thank you. The club shoot for Sunday October 27th  will be practice shoot as planned.
Derek McMillan.
Pioneer Arms Club Captain
Awakeri Shooting Federation Inc, Pioneer Arms Section National Silhouette Shoot Sunday 24th November 2013. All Black Powder Shooters Welcome.
Sight in 9am to 10am.
Entry Fee $10.
Range Officer: Graham Smeaton.
Pioneer Arms Club Captain Derek McMillan.
Full Size Silhouette:
Chickens: 50m off hand 5 shots.
Pigs: 100m sitting or prone cross sticks 5 shots.
Turkeys: 150m sitting or prone cross sticks 5 shots.
Rams: 200m sitting or prone cross sticks 5 shots.
Half Size Silhouette:
Chickens 50m off hand 5 shots.
Pigs: 100m sitting or prone cross sticks 5 shots.
Turkeys: 150m sitting or prone cross sticks 5 shots.
Rams: 200m sitting or prone cross sticks 5 shots.
Sniper: 200m half size chickens cross sticks 5 shots.
Prize for overall aggregate. Note: this shoot is open to all black powder shooters muzzle or breech rifle.




Link added to NZ Black Powder Shooters Federation website.



BOPSRA held a successful Semi Auto Championship over the weekend of 14th and 15th of September, with the short course being held at ASF and the longer range day being held at Blaymires. In a field of 24 shooters we had 9 visiting competitors from WSRA ASRA and Waikato Rifles SR clubs. Some great scores put in by all, with the BOPSRA representatives taking home the biggest haul, including both Service Class overall to Lindsay S and Open Class overall to Brad M. From a total of 26 first place awards on offer, BOPSRA secured 20.. well done.



The ASF AGM will be held on the 1st Sept 2013 at 1000hrs or 10 AM Range Lounge Awakeri an Agenda will follow later any remits must be in the hands of the secretary 2 weeks prior to the AGM .




Rotorua Pistol Club’s Speed Extravaganza - reminder to everyone about entries as entries for this match are filling fast.
The organisers have placed a limit of 100 entries so make sure you don’t miss out on this match on the 19th and 20th of October.




The 1st Sunday and 3rd Sunday schedule between UIT and HMS has swapped days. See calendar -



Bay of Plenty Service Rifle Association

The NZSRA Nationals were held at Waiouru over Easter weekend and was attended by 3 ASF BOPSRA shooters in a field of 60 shooters at the champs. It was a great event with shooting over three days, and 14 matches, over 100m, 200m, and 300m. 

Click here to see more info on the BOPSRA page..




I have great pleasure to inform you ranges 1 and 2 have been finally certified credit to all those members who assisted in getting the range to a standard that satisfied the range certification body and of course Joe Green from the NZ police .

The shut down is now null and void all pistol shooting may now continue forthwith.
The North Island Champs will now be held on the Awakeri Range in April 2013.

Dave Mackenzie



Attention all Members

Smith and Wesson have just recalled the Walther PK380 handgun. The pistol may be fired by trigger pull with the safety engaged.

Click below for more details:

If anyone has purchased one of these handguns, they should contact their dealer for more details..



Service Pistol (22/04/12)

A few weeks ago I built the wooden frame for service pistol targets and Syd and I shot a match which we were told was the March postal service match, however, it turned out that there was not to be a postal match in March and it would be held in April. So with a little more interest shown, I tacked together a steel frame and 5 of us gathered on Saturday morning to shoot the April service postal match.

A postal match is a national competition whereby any shooter wishing to compete can shoot at their home club and the results are sent in to the national section director. Score cards must be filled in and signed off, by two committee members. The idea is that, to make it more accessible to more shooters, the postal match is run over the nominated month, you have the whole month to shoot your match and get the results in. Not only does this save travel costs, but also the difficulties of travelling with pistols.

Click here to see more info on the Service page..




CAS (04/03/12)

Well done Shelley Campbell.

Shelley Campbell won the Western Action Shotgun, at the recent Cowboy Action Shooting Nationals at Gisborne.





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