AGM Info – All members.

Hello shooters,
As you have probably seen, there has been a lot of progress at the range since the AGM. For those of you unable to make it to the AGM I have a few things to advise you of.
The committee has been discussing our subs over the year and as we want to improve the range complex and keep up with maintenance we have decided to increase the sub.
We have standing costs which need to be met each year and we don’t want to eat into our cash reserves for this.
Costs include, rent, insurance, mowing, targets – paper and steel, spraying and general upkeep.
This increase will be reflected in your next invoice for the coming year, May 2018.
The increase will effect each member by an increase of $50. This is split over the Range Fee and Membership Fee of $25 each.
The senior fee has also been adjusted to comply with the original intention of 50% of a normal fee.
When our fees went up last time, the senior fee didn’t get adjusted at the same time, this has now been done.
Hopefully you have seen the fantastic work Ron and Pierre, Steve and Craig and others have done recently, in the top buildings and the development
of the new range, this is what our cash reserve was for and the comments we have had so far reflect a good response from you all.
I am in the process of applying for funding from the EBET to have power connected to our facility and for appliances and lighting, heating and insulation
etc for the clubrooms, this will take some time but I’m hoping to have an application ready for presentation early next year.
Good to see some new members coming along, our numbers are growing and we are attracting some good people to the club, 2 more potential members out there today, lets make them feel welcome.
The process for obtaining a Permit to Procure has been modified and can now be done online through me or Jeff, If you require a permit, please email one of us in the first instance and we will reply with an email detailing what information we need, basically the same as what went on the old pink slips, we can then
fill out an electronic version and have it straight on the Arms Officers desk immediately. He will then post you the permit or you can advise if you wish to collect it.
Much quicker and simpler.
For those of you new shooters who have been going through your B Cat probation, I have your completed safety tests, you can go into the police station ask for the form, POL67F – download it here
or ask me to email it to you.
Once you have that filled in, get it to me or Jeff and we’ll get you going onto the next stage.
That’ll do for now,

Range Development

Hi Guys, as you have seen, we have been working on the top Ranges, Ron, Pierre, Steve and Craig have been driving the development of a new large range in the area where the bees used to live. This was once a car park but will now be known as the Continental Range, John Wick fans will understand!

The work so far carried out has been done a lot quicker than expected, given our inclement whether, and I am in the process of having it viewed for certification.


We cannot shoot on it until it has been certified! Range 6 has also been changed and will need to be re certified before using, please respect this and we will update as soon as we can.