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Joining info

Welcome to the Awakeri Shooting Federation.

We assume that by wishing to become involved with the Awakeri Shooting Federation, you have or intend to have an interest in target shooting, specifically, target shooting with handguns.

We may also assume that you have some shooting experience and possibly have attained your A Cat firearms licence. This would be a good point to let us know!

Owning and using handguns is a privilege, not a right. There are many rules and restrictions that go with it, and we as a club enforce these strictly so as to ensure the safety of everyone involved and the continuation of our sport.

The road to where pistol shooting is now has been long and hard and your fellow club members have all had a hand in getting us there. As you progress, you will no doubt become aware of the long slow path travelled by those that have gone before you.
For this reason, we follow the rules and regulations without fail. There is nothing hard about it, mostly just common sense!

If you have your firearms licence, these rules in particular should already be well known to you.

1. Always treat every firearm as if it was loaded.
2. Always point firearms in a safe direction
3. Load a firearm only when ready to fire
4. Identify your target
5. Check your firing zone
6. Store firearms and ammunition safely
7. No alcohol or drugs when handling firearms

These are general to all shooting disciplines and should be kept in mind at all times.
Handgun or pistol shooting carries with it the requirement to be even more vigilant with your own personal awareness and general safety practices. It’s much easier to get things wrong with a pistol than it is with a rifle or shotgun. With the different sections of pistol shooting, new and different rules will also apply and these will be explained as you go.

Please remember that by law, you must sign the range book on every visit. Please respect your fellow shooters.

As a new member or prospective member you will be able to visit the club 3 times. At the conclusion of your 3rd visit, you should make it known to the club whether or not you wish to continue.

On your first visit you will be introduced to a safety officer. They will spend some time initially with you, explaining what the club and its operations are all about. We will want to talk to you about why you wish to use handguns, what your goals are within the sport, and generally get a feel for what type of person you are. Remember that this type of shooting is a privilege, and we want to protect our ability to continue with it.

Along with this, we will brief you on the club range and safety rules, procedures and etiquette. We will also show you a few different pistols and revolvers, and instruct you on their operation and invite you to participate in shooting during our normal session, or privately afterwards.

During your 2nd and 3rd visits, you should feel comfortable about shooting on the range with others and enjoy the sport freely. You will be under the supervision of a qualified range officer at all times.

After your 3rd visit, we will decide whether or not you are suitable for pistol shooting and membership of this club. This is where you need to make your intentions known.

Should your intention to become a member be successful, you will need to pay a sub to our treasurer. This will include a sub to also become a member of Pistol New Zealand, our parent body.

You will then need to attain your firearms licence if you haven’t already.
At this point you will be able to begin the process of acquiring your B Cat endorsement, without which you cannot buy or possess pistols. This is the beginning of your ‘probation’ period.

Feel free to ask any questions and speak to as many members as you wish - one thing you’ll find here is that everyone is passionate about their sport and will be generous with help and advice.

Included in this introduction you will find the detailed process of getting your pistol licence, general safety procedures, etiquette, our club range rules and other useful information.


By the time you join, you should be at least well on the way to obtaining your standard A category (A Cat) licence.

You must attend the club 12 times in six months before the club will recommend you for a B Cat. The three visits you made before you joined are not included in this probationary period, although any visits you make while in the process of getting your B Cat do count.

Anytime during this probationary period, you may ask to sit a simple safety test, which must be passed before you apply for your B Cat.

During this time you will have the chance to use club guns, under supervision of a range officer, and other members will be available to show and demonstrate their guns as well. Most often you will be invited to try - it is a good idea to try as many different guns as you can before buying your own. The club will also advise on what types of ammunition is best for which type of shooting, and if you have your firearms licence, some ammunition is available for purchase through the club.

When it is time for you to apply for your B Cat, you may go to the police and ask for a POL67f  form. This must be filled out and signed, and witnessed. Then you should hand it to your club secretary, who fills out a reference section.

After that, it is sent to Pistol New Zealand. They check to see if you have made your attendances and sat the safety test. Then it is signed by a member of the Pistol NZ council. Then it is sent to your police arms officer for final approval.

Once the arms officer has approved your application he will arrange for his vetting officer to come and inspect your safe and security measures. You will need to obtain a safe that meets the requirements set out by the arms act - the club can help you with this when the time comes.

He will also interview you and anyone else living at your address, ie: wife, partner, parents etc.

If the vetting officer approves the application he will advise the arms officer and your new firearms licence will arrive in the mail in due course.

This is not a quick process, so be patient - it is not hurried for reasons which will become clear as you progress. It may take a year or more to complete your application - stick with it!  One of the ways to ensure that only the right people have access to restricted firearms is to make the process an obstacle - if you are sure that this is the right sport for you, it will happen!

To enquire further, please refer to Contact Details